Quality Enclosed Skips and Open-End Drop-Door Skips in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire

Ace Skip Hire’s Services

Turn to us for solutions to your waste removal needs. Ace Skip Hire offers an extensive range of services, including:

Open-End Drop-Door Skips

Open-end drop-door skips are a type of waste container commonly used in construction and waste management. These skips have one end that can be opened, often with a hinged door, allowing for easy loading and unloading of materials. The drop-door feature facilitates efficient disposal of bulky or heavy items, simplifying the process of depositing waste into the skip. For a convenient solution to waste removal, Ace Skip Hire offers user-friendly open-end drop-door skips, ensuring ease and efficiency in the loading process.

Our handy walk-in skips are available in the following sizes:

  • 6 Yard 
  • 8 Yard Skips 
  • 10 Yard Skips

Mini Skips and Mini Skip Trucks

Mini skips are small, portable waste containers designed for the temporary storage and transportation of relatively small amounts of household or construction waste. They are commonly used for projects where space is limited or for handling moderate volumes of debris. Mini skip trucks, on the other hand, refer to compact trucks equipped to transport and deliver these mini skips to and from locations. These trucks are maneuverable and suitable for navigating tight spaces, making them efficient for collecting and transporting small loads of waste materials. Contact our team here at Ace Skip Hire to rent a mini skip. We also have small mini skip trucks that give you an advantage when dealing with areas restricted by size or weight.

Use them in locations where height and width are at a minimum, and you’ll find they make driveways more accessible.

  • We Wait, You Load Service 
  • Same-Day Drops and Pick-Ups
  • Open-End Drop-Door Skips
  • Enclosed Lockable Skips
  • Mini Skips and Mini Trucks
  • Grab Loader Service 
  • All Skip Types and Sizes
  • Ballast, Sand, and Shingle Supply
  • Type 1 Crushed Hardcore Supply
  • Top Soil, Compost, Bark, and Turf Supply
  • Decorative Stone Slate Chippings Supply

Enclosed Skips

Ace Skip Hire offers enclosed skips, which feature lockable loading doors at each end to prevent fly tipping. Enclosed skips are most suitable for long hire or where you have lightweight waste only. These units are available in sizes of:

  • 8 Yards 
  • 10 Yards 
  • 12 Yards
Skip Permits

Contact ACE Skip Hire in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, for an extensive range of handy products and skip hire services, including enclosed skips, open-end drop-door skips, and waste removal. Our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements, ensuring you get the skip to suit your needs. 

Reduced Rates for: Green Waste | Scrap Metal | Clean Concrete

Waste Carrier Licence: TNE 375083


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